F-2 visa intended length of stay, non-immigrant intent

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I need some help regarding my wife's F2 visa application. I have a question about demonstrating non-immigrant intent. My wife is currently on a stable job in my home country, and that's her strongest home tie. Regarding her intended length of stay, she can either

option 1: briefly visit the US and return to her job

option 2: quit her job and be with me in the US for several months or until I graduate.

I think both of these options have pros and cons in our situation, but would appreciate hearing thoughts/suggestions from forum members.

option 1: I will graduate late summer, so I am wondering if we say intended length of stay is 1 or 2 months, they could reject the visa and ask her to wait until I graduate and I'm back. I've also heard stories where people who said they intend to stay for a short time period were asked to apply for visitor visa instead.

option 2: In this case, we lose the only strong home tie she has cz she has to quit her job, and so we are worried about denial citing immigrant intent.

Appreciate any thoughts/suggestions.


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You do not demonstrate home ties. The VO decides based on the situation. Since you are already here and especially if your university has pedigree, I doubt this will be an issue. Only one way to find out. No need to tailor answers. She should answer based on her intentions and not what she thinks the VO wants to hear. Credibility is King or Queen in this instance. Let us know the result.

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Thanks for the comments.

My wife received a 214 rejection. It appeared VO was not convinced that my stipend is sufficient enough for both of us and had concerns about the fact that I am graduating soon (summer). Also asked my wife if she will quit her job before traveling, to which she said yes. Apart from this she was also asked about her prior visit of 1mo to the US (she previously held a visa) - Eg. why didn't you quit your job at that time, why were you in the US for only a month, etc. 

We are planning to try again once I get OPT. At least it'll resolve the finances issue and I'll be expected to be in the US for at least an year. But it's gonna be hard to get F2 while on OPT, but hoping for the best. 

Any thoughts/suggestions are welcome. 

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