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I graduated from a reputed US university with Masters in Industrial engineering and have been working as software engineer for the same employer on H1B for past 10 years. For my current H1B renewal, I got an RFE asking for how my coursework relates to my current job (along with expanded job description). As a manager and experienced employee, my current job has no direct relation to my graduate coursework. What should my strategy be when mapping my coursework to my current work?

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If you're not directly associated with a job/position related to your coursework then its definitely an issue.....you have to carefully review job requirements & knowledge required to make critical decisions on the job as well as background required to perform those duties which you acquired through your education....think on how you can map any/all of your courses to existing position, talk to your attorney & employer, they both should be able to help you find the mapping and bridge the gap. 

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