US visa interview - Criminal charges

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Hi there -

Little bit explanation how I got into assault case: My wife put false allegations on me and made me arrest and now unfortunately I had to accept guilty due financial issues and it was too much mental stress and court has given 1 year probation and 1 program and community service under misdemeanor class A which I had completed everything and court has given discharge order also.

Visa stamping :  While filling DS-160 form, I had mentioned that I was arrested and given enough explanation as well. The day I went to US visa interview and by god grace everything went well and interviewer officer asked me about my arrest and given enough explanation and I had given discharge letter to officer which court has given to me and asked some more documents but at that time I was not have it and officer wrote below three documents on paper to send to given email ID

1. Lawyer letter

2. Court documents

3. Original charge copy.


Here the question is : I have above 2 & 3 documents but would like to ask what is a lawyer letter? and if I want to ask my attorney to send letter then what to ask to give me letter? and what content should be in letter.  Though I have above 2 & 3 documents,  if you can also guide me what above 2 & 3 documents  to should put then I will verify before sending to officer.


Kindly please help on this thing


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