Parent might receive financial aid on medical emergency

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I work in USA on H1B visa. My dad and mom came to United States on 12 Feb’20 on B2 visa and was supposed to leave on 27th July’20. They had visitors medical insurance for the timeframe. Due to covid, they could not left the country and we filed for B2 visa stay extension. They didn’t extend the medical insurance during this time. Meanwhile the air india flight started and we booked flight for 12 Jan’21. On 9th Jan, my dad had an accident and broke his left shin bone. He had an surgery at hospital and now recovering. While he was at emergency, we informed hospital that we don’t have medical insurance and if they can just do first aid, we will do rest of the treatment at india as they already have flight scheduled in 2 days. But hospital clearly said he can’t fly at this stage, they have to do a surgery and we can talk about the financial stuff later. At this moment, after everything is settled down, I got a call from the hospital and they are offering us financial aid to clear the entire bill since my dad is retired, visiting this country, already have a plan to leave and don’t have medical insurance. Also, as part of the financial aid application, they asked me to sign a form which describes that he was staying with us for last 6 months when I was providing financial help to him and i’m not responsible for any medical cost incurred for him. They also asked for my driving license copy. Now, my question is if I sign this form will this financial aid anyway effect my future h1b visa extension or green card application?

N.B.: I didn’t sign any form till now in hospital and everything is signed by my dad. My name is only mentioned as emergency contact. Also, I didn’t provide from I-134 while sending parent’s B2 visa extension request although attached my payslips and recent w2. 

Also please confirm if receiving this financial aid ( not Medicaid as he didn’t qualify for that) will be considered as public charge and cause any issue for his future visits or applications .

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