Damages of Breach of Term Provision - H1B


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I have signed the employment agreement back in my country and now I am in US. after coming here I realize I will not be able to sustain with my family on the current salary. Either I have lived alone and send my family home or I need to find a new employer with a better salary.

I have signed the employment agreement which states if leave I have to pay 2500$ as liquidated damages for remaining months. Company send me for the H1B interview stating they have internal projects but now they have sent to the fourth level client. It is the wrong pretext they are employing

I need the suggestion if the agreement holds as they mention I can't take them to court for this

Agreement 2.pdf

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There are multitude of factors here, it depends on whether you wish to deal with them through court or end peacefully, your best bet will be find another employer that can pay you well, complete the term with current employer and terminate employment. By this time you would be stable with new employer and you can bring your family to stay with you. 

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