Downgrade EAD (485) and H4 EAD Question


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Can H4 visa holder start using EAD (485 based EAD) If husband(H1 holder) does not want to use Downgraded EAD(485) and wants to continue on H1 visa. If H4 spuse start using EAD(485 based EAD) then can H1 holder moves back to EB2 in future if Dates move fater in EB2? i heard if we start using downgraded EB3 EAD then we will be stuck in EB3 line and we can not move to EB2 line? can only wife(H4) starts using it? in this case can husband (H1) person move back to EB2 in future?

if above situation is tough then can H4 apply for H4 EAD even after getting 485 based EAD with AP? will they issue H4 EAD too when H4 has 485 based EAD? current H4 EAD is expired and did not renewed from a while. currenlty Downgraded I-140 and 485, EAD, AP is in process and H4 EAD expired one year back. should i apply for h4 EAD as well now or should i wait? Expired H4 EAD renewal can be expired based on existing EB2 I-140 right?

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