No Update on Biometrics Appointment Reschedule

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I applied for N-400 in March 2020 and received a biometrics appointment for a date in mid-March. That appointment was cancelled due to COVID. I was able to call USCIS in October 2020 and was told to wait till the end of the month to automatically receive a new appointment and if not call back. I waited till November and called back and the rep this time told there will be no automatic reschedule and asked me request a new date via by sending in the original appointment letter. I did that and no response or receipt acknowledgement whatsoever. What's irritating is since then I haven't been able to get through the call center to speak to a human being and get trapped in the auto response. Appreciate any insights anyone can provide to break through this logjam. Thanks! 

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Have you to tried to call the local USCIS office?  Try to reach out to your local senator office as well. 

When calling the USCIS customer service office, you can request to raise a service request and then speak to a customer rep. 

Based on the receipt date listed on the processing times, I doubt you would get any better answer from customer service rep.



I have applied in March 2020 (Philly) and yet to receive the Biometrics appointment.

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