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I have I-797B [ H1 approved but no i-94, as extension of stay was denied], and I was told my attorney to go outside and come back with visa stamping. The I-797B form says, HYDERABAD consulate has been notified.

It also says, " If any of the named worked will apply for a visa at a consulate other than the one listed above [hyderabad], the petitioner should file form I-824, Application for action on an approved application or petition, to request us to notify the new consulate.

Now, there are really no dates in Hyderabad , but some slots in chennai. So I went ahead and booked a slot on in chennai. 

Now question is:

a) Can I go to chennai consulate for stamping instead of hyderabad?

b) Do i need to fill a form I-824?

Please help me.

Thanking you in advance.

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@naruto 45: As long as you submit DS-160 to the right location where you are planning to attend for your visa interview, I believe you should be good. May be submitting I-824 is good but I never submitted it as I've been many times to a different location than what it says on my I-797. I would say, follow your attorney to have you hassle free visa interview. Good Luck!!

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