H1B Extension denied and I94 expired. Joined new employer on H1B transfer receipt after i94 expiry.


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Hello, Below is my current situation and I am currently in US. Could you clarify my below doubts / provide suggestions ?

My current employer (A) H1B petition was valid until 12/10/2020 and current I94 (in I797) was valid for additional 10 days until 12/20/2020. Current employer (A) filed H1B extension but it was denied on 12/11/2020 and I am on Loss Of Pay from this date. On the other hand, I got an offer from a new employer (B) around 2 months ago and they filed H1B transfer on 11/20/2020 ( before my current employer A petition expiry , i.e - before 12/10/2020 ) and got the transfer receipt copy and new employer gave joining date on 12/22/2020 

1) As I joined new employer after my H1B extension denial from employer A, Is it being consider "Maintaining Valid Status"?

2) Since my new company joining date is 12/22/2020 ( after 7 days of employer A extension denial date and I was on Loss on Pay for 7 days) , Am I accruing unlawful presence in USA from this denial date OR for in between 7 days, I acquired unlawful presence ?

3) If I continue to work for new employer on H1B transfer receipt for more than 180 days, then will it consider as unlawful presence and I am face 3 years ban in USA ?

Thanks in Advance 

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