H1B Stamping (Renewal) in Quebec Canada.

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Hi All,

Hope all are safe and sound. I have booked my H1B visa stamping (Renewal) in 2 weeks of February, I booked this appointment in September I believe. I haven't got any email for cancellation or such, so I am good to go? Calling the consulate is a nightmare can't get any live person. I have been on H1 since 2007 so this like 5th stamping. I recently filed for I-485 so not sure about all these cancellations I am a little confused, because my wife H4 has expired and we both have a date for stamping so if I cross the border and they cancel the interview then I can travel back to the US via AVR rule which I used previously but for my wife I cant since her H4 is expired and still under processing since July 2020. Any recent H1B stamping folks please pitch in. Or is the consulate cancelling all H1b stamping regardless saying its not an emergency?

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I think its better to wait until you received H4 approval notice and then schedule visa appointment, there's another rule that states while your application is pending with USCIS the application cannot travel out of the country, which applies to your wife at this time, these days the approvals were around 6-9months as most of March-September multiple USCIS offices were closed.

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