H1B to B2, Moved to Canada after 6 months, Do I need to showup for H1B visa interview again?


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Hi All, 

I received my H1B in 2019 and got the stamp in Dec 2019 (valid till Jul 2022) and I94 (valid till Jul 2022)

I was laid off in April 2020 and H1B revoked by the employer in may 2020, and later applied for to B2 Extension of Stay(still pending).

I moved to Canada on a study permit, before accruing 6 months on B2 pending status.

Can I move back to the USA using my old H1B stamp, I94, and new I797 if I get a job in the USA?  How long I can stay in Canada before re-appearing for a visa interview?


Thanks in Advance,


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