Shoplifting case impact for H1B stamping


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Hi All,

My friend and I was arrested for shoplifting(2C-20-11B(2)) and Disorderly conduct-2C-33-2A(1) in 2016 in NJ and was fingerprinted and photo taken. I appeared in court and Plead guilty for shoplifting and not plead guilty for Disorderly Conduct. I have the court disposition documents and it was stated as guilty amended to town ordinance 110-22 defrauding or cheating with a fine and defendant not to return to store for the shoplifting charge and Dismissed-plea agreement for disorderly conduct. I was paniced as this was my first ever case and never been dealt with police or the court in my entire life and I plead guilty so I can pay fine and close the case ASAP. But I never thought that pleading guilty would make my life in trouble. 

I visited India twice after 2016 and was taken to secondary check twice but they let me in after few question at the first but no questions were asked during my second visit. 

I am now going to appear for my H1B stamping early next year. 

1. What do I need to state in the DS-160 for being arrested? 

2. How do I address if VO asked why you are arrested and what exactly happened? 

3. As I plead guilty, Will that affect my Visa approvals? 

4. what documents Do I need to carry for my H1B visa interview? ( I have only the court certified Disposition documents). 


Kindly please advise me. 






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