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Kindly respond.

H1, H4 and H4EAD were applied on May 26. Received the receipt notices for all 3. Never received the Biometrics letter. Tried to call in  to USCIS but autobot is not connecting me to representative. I Have asked my lawyer to raise a service request which they did. My H1 is approved and valid til 2023. My wife's H4 is expired on sep 30th2020. I have following questions

1. What if USCIS rejects the application stating the reason not attended for biometrics(never received the letter)

2. How long can she stay here in UsA if the case is still processing with out any rejection. Please note that her I 94 expired on 30-sep-2020?

3. Since my H1 is approved , can I re-apply for her H4 again?

4. Since the service request is raised, can I keep on raising the service requests for her using the old one?


Response is much appreciated

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H4 legal status is not an issue, if primary H1 extension is approved. 
even in my spouse case, h4 I797C receipt was received on 08/10/2020, but till not haven’t received biometrics apt. Not sure how long to wait and it’s getting expired this month end.

any legal process to get this process expedite? 

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Hello Eni, I called in USCIS and they said they don't have a clear idea for how long it will take to receive the biometrics poointment. I have raise a petition for biometrics appointment and the above is what I received. Still not received anything. Will keep you posted. Did you check the current date of applications that your visa application center is dealing with?

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