Breach of employment agreement.


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Hi Team,
Because of the personal reasons, I have moved out to India (from USA) and started working for the same client (from offshore) through a different vendor.
My ex-employer in USA unknown of the fact that I have moved out to India filed a case against me for the breach of employment contract and a default judgement has been passed.
Questions below :
1) Suggestions regarding the next best course of action items ?
2) Can this hamper my future immigration opportunities ?

Thank you.

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On 12/7/2020 at 9:47 PM, Deepc34 said:

a default judgement has been passed.

This sounds like done deal, default judgement means now your employer can enforce an action against you (based on judgement)

1. Get a professional help, know and understand what's in judgement. 

2. May or may not based on what shows up in your future employment background check and what you disclose as facts in your future visa/immigration application forms.

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Please reach out to your EX-employer and solve the case peacefully, they provided you a job and status when you needed and if you had to leave for any reason, its your minimum courtesy and professionalism to inform them, it does sound like you did not in this case and then reached out to the same client who was introduced to you by your EX-employer, you must have signed some documents at the time of employment which state the terms of "Breach of Employment". It is recommended to resolve the case amicably.

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