H4 EAD expired - multiple questions


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We added an expedite request in USCIS but they mentioned that biometrics needs to be done before the next step. Is there a way to waive off biometrics or request that the older fingerprints be used ?

We called Tier 1 and Tier 2 officers, waiting for a reply from them.

We emailed our county senator and congressman but did not get a reply from them yet.

We have contacted the immigration ombudsman with our issue and no replies yet.

Some forums have suggested for going with a litigation case against USCIS, but this is not a viable solution in the recent times as per few forums.To me this seems a little risky as well.

Is there anything else that we can do for this case ?

My wife's H4 and EAD have expired recently and we are still waiting for our case to proceed further. We applied for an extension in June and we have not yet seen any progress. Recently we requested for expediting the request and USCIS said that bio-metrics needs to be done which would take somewhere around 1 month. My wife is on an unpaid leave for the next few days and if nothing happens by then, she will have to travel internationally and work from our home country - India. Traveling internationally is not a good idea right now due to the pandemic so we would like to avoid it.




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