I-485 Application for Dependent child

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I have a child who is aging out (over 21 years old)  and he qualifies to file I-485 filing based on the date of filing. Will USCIS accept his I-485 application? How will USCIS determine if eventually the child will qualify under CPSA and get a green card?

If the child is aged out when final action dates are current, will USCIS consider under CPSA to get a green card?

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His CSPA age is (his age at the time a visa number becomes available) - (the length of time the petition was pending). A visa number is considered available when the I-140 is approved or on the 1st day of the month when the date on the Final Action Date chart passes your priority date, whichever is later. The length of time the petition was pending is the date when the I-140 is approved minus the date when the I-140 was filed. If his CSPA age is below 21, he can get a green card. If his CSPA age is over 21, USCIS will eventually deny his I-485.

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