I-140 denied - Failed to establish the sufficient qualifying experience


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Hi All,

I have over 5 yrs of experience and bachelor's degree in computer science. So, I am eligible for EB2. However, USCIS did not accept the evidence that I provided in following cases.

1) Worked in a company X (in USA) for 9 months. The employer did not provide me the experience certificate citing that I did not complete 1 yr in the company.

I have the affidavit from my co-worker (with job details and period of employment) and also have payslip and W2. Will that be enough ?

2) Worked with company Y (in India) which was acquired by another company. I have the experience letter on the letter head of the acquiring company.

How to get the document that company Y is acquired ?

3) Worked with company Z (in India) which is now closed and the MD of company Z has provided me the letter on the letter head of his new company.

USCIS is asking for the proof that company Z did close. How to get the documented proof that company Z is closed ?

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