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Appear for interview (Dec 30 2020) Letter received- Urgent feedback

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Dear Sir/Ma'm, 

I received last week interview notice (scheduled for Dec 30, 2020). Two questions: 

1. Evidence of Selective service registration (SSR). I lived in USA between ages 18-26 years on non-immigrant visa (F1 and H1) and H1 until age 34. I got GC when I am 34 yr old. I am 40 yr old now do I need to take any proof that I am NOT eligible for SSR?  In N-400 I said 'NO" 

2. Citation question - Answered 'no', I forgot I got one ticket in 2018 after I got GC  (in 2014) so I answered 'NO' it was just a speeding ticket for ~$200 and i paid the amount. Should I mention this during interview? 

Please answers the above 2 questions based on your experiences. Very much appreciated. My interview date is nearing  


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Yes, if you dont want to get denied. you should mention it to the officer during the interview. The naturalization process, you have to tell the truth because they know it and have all the evidence. If possible, take copies of your payment receipt and show to the officer.

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1. Check this post from murthy - https://www.murthy.com/2014/04/02/selective-service-and-eligibility-for-u-s-citizenship/#:~:text=The requirement for Selective Service,other “lettered” temporary classifications.

"The requirement for Selective Service registration does not apply to lawful nonimmigrants in a temporary status. This includes students, diplomats, tourists, H1B workers, J-1 visitors, and those in other “lettered” temporary classifications."

2. They will go over your form during interview. Once they come to citation question you can tell them about the ticket, they will add comment on the form and that is pretty much to it.

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