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Hey Guys , 


Can anyone help or has been in similalr situation ?


my parents are here on visitor visa , their stay(I94) got over in august 20th , however we did apply for “ extension of stay “ in july citing COVID situation, USCIS is still working on our case , while applying for extension we requested for 4 months of extension , hoping that things will get better by then. Now 4 months ( which we originally asked in extension application ) is expiring on 20 Dec. 


My question is , since the decision is still pending with USCIS can we apply for additional 2 months of extension ? Given that COVID situation is worsening all over again. If yes , then whats the process ? And how we will know by 20 dec that my parents can stay for another 2 months ?

Also any pointers to a immigration lawyer is appreciated. 


thanks in advance.

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We are in a similar situation. We submitted for a 6-month extension and the extension is going to end in couple of weeks. USCIS site still shows that our original application was received an no updates since then.

Since COVID situation is becoming worse, we believe it is not safe to send my 70-year old mother to India. We are wondering if we can apply for a second extension due to COVID?  Note: My mother has 10-year multiple entry visa.

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adding few more details
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