OPT Unemployment Extension?


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Hello Experts.

Please help me because I am short on time and unsure what my best options are ūüėě

I am international student graduated this spring hoping to continue over to my PhD. I got an OPT primarily to stay in the U.S when my PhD approval was underway. I did not get any offers in U.S but have a verbal offer for PhD in Norway pending receipt of my diploma/transcript. The diploma/transcript have been sent by my university to the IN Secretary of State office to be approved by IN state (past 4 weeks !!!!) .

I only have 4 more weeks before my 90 days of OPT unemployment elapses. I tried last few weeks for some jobs (even voluntary) but have not got any.

I think by law if I do not have any PhD or job offer in the United States I need to leave the country before my OPT expires. Is there any way I can extend my stay here a few weeks/months longer? The PhD in Norway is a sure thing and a great research program too. I just need some time to stay here in the US, get my visa processed, and leave to pursue my PhD in Norway.

Any suggestions, options, or ideas? 

Thanks very much for your time.

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On 11/18/2020 at 2:37 PM, pontevecchio said:

No Offense What is the connection between NORWAY and The Indiana Secretary of state?

I assume that he is enrolled at a university in Indiana. But the OP needs to clarify what the issue is.

Oh, and to the OP: a verbal offer means nothing. Unless you have things in writing it doesn't exist.

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