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Hi All,

I would like to start this form only for those who have recived the 221g GREEN form @ CHENNAI consulate in AUGUST month

Interview date : 08/11/2011

221g - GREEN form

Documents asked - client letter and contract letters in addition to pettion copy and 1797 etc...

model :EVC

Passport along with 221g : YES

Regarding our interview: just the basic questions and its short and simple

Whom do you work for?

Highest qualification?

Work location?

Since we mentioned cliient location VO asked for client letter, we submitted it

Next she asked for the contract letters between employer,vendor and client (VO isnt satisfied with PO screenshots/ assignments forms we submitted which stated clearly name, position, timelines with respect to vendor and client etc...)

Gave us 221g green form

P S : please do mention if you are asked to submit the passport along with 221g

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I am also same boat...It is in-house product development

Interview date: 08/11/2011

221g - GREEN form

Documents asked - project timeline, current status, no of team players and market analysis details. all petition copy and 1797 etc...

Model: In-house project – Product development

Passport along with 221g :No, only 221g form along with all documents

May I know difference 221g with passport and without passport?


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Yes,i totally agree with you. I had already seen many people, with green form, who were asked to submit passports a month later and successfully got stamped.am happy for them

Am looking for timelines of the cases whose passports were submitted at the time of the 221g documents. Got stuck from 6 months with several and here with finally green form hoping something positive :-)

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Below are my details. But interview happened in end of july not exactly in August. Waiting for response for past 2.5 weeks after submitting documents. What is the difference b/w Green and Blue 221(g) form ?

Interview date : 07/26/2011

221g - GREEN form

Documents asked - client letter, vendor contracts pettion copy & docs submitted to USCIS

model :EVC

Passport along with 221g : NO

Documents submitted: 08/08/2011

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Atleast from what i have observed from past 3 months of who have received green form from chennai consulate

1. Either people received an update in less than 2 weeks

2. Or consulate takes 1 month 1 week (more or less) to send update asking for passport or asking for additional processing required. But in june and july months (considering no of people posted) except 1 or 2, all others have successful stamping

I am already a victim of 221g blue at chennai followed by a denial. This is not to disappoint anyone but from many threads going on....only few people with blue form at chennai got out of hook. Of course there are people whose got cleared in less than month, few months... But sucess rate is less. Adding to it consulate takes 2-3 months to post the denial notice after the decision has been made.

So for the people who got 221g blue at chennai, i would suggest to start looking for alternate options such as h1b transfer, looking for new h1 sponsor as that eats away considerable time

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this is chinna..

my interview date is august 26th,2011

VO asked me the client letter and letter from the main vendor for which i have submitted both. VO did not look into that documents and told me that we need some more documents from your employer, i asked VO what documents you need as i have all the documents, but the VO didn't listen anything and gave me the green form and asked me to drop all the documents..

i am in bit confusion coz of time they are doing like this or what..

did any face like this issue

please let me know did any one get stamping after this...

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i have received 221g Green form and VO asked me to submit some documents..

Interview date : 08/26/2011

221g - GREEN form

Documents asked - client letter and contract letters in addition to petition copy and I-797 etc...

Passport along with 221g : NO

if any one got stamping after submitting the documents please let us know..and how many days it took

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Interview date : 08/25/2011

221g - Green

Documents asked - client letter and contract letters,payslips etc

Model :EVC

Passport along with 221g : YES

Questions asked:

Client,vendor,employer details.

Work location,employer location,mode of communication.

@pranavi:Green at chennai is very common these days.As long as you have a valid documentation,you should not worry much.Coming to the update on the case status from the embassy,it took 4-6 weeks on an average for the guys in June,July.If you are lucky your case can be resolved in as less as 3 weeks.

By the way,were you explicitly told NOT to submit the passport?.

Hope this helps.

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Mine is a EC model. Me and my wife (dependent) attended the interview today, the VO is a female with Indian origin looks.

Q&A are as below

VO: How many employees of your company work for this client?

me: Just me

VO: Whom do you report to

me: Both to my client manager and to my company supervisor

VO: Sir, whom do you really report to

me: I again stated the same

VO: What is the difference between your reporting to both

me: To my client manager I report the project progress and status. To my company manager we discuss the status of current project, new project opportunities etc.

VO: And do you get any feedback from your company supervisor?

me: I kept a question mark face and asked her what do you mean ?

VO: Who approves your hours?

me: My client manager

VO: And then your client manager sends those hrs to your company ?

me: No

VO: Then how does it work?

me: I send the approved timesheet to my company and they invoice the client.

VO: In which state do you work?

me: FL

VO: In which state your company is located?

me: NJ

Then VO started typing for a minute and gave me 221g green along with my PP. She marked the following

1. Copy of petition with all supporting docs as filed to USCIS

2. Notarized list of all petitioner's employees of the job site listed

3. My working state unemployment wage reports, showing all wages paid to each employee in the state for the past 3 quarters

4. A copy of contract between the petitioner and the job site (the location where you actually work)

5. On a letterhead from the personnel dept at the U.S job site stating that there is a vacancy for you

6. Letter from the client company sponsoring the project and a copy of contract between petitioner and client company.

7. A detailed and specific description of the internal development project to which you will be assigned.

I actually work from my home location in FL and travel to the sites wherever the client tells me to go. This is what my client manager mentioned in his client letter to USCIS when my company filed for my H1B.

Now, my question is what docs should I submit for the questions 3, 5 and 7.

Any thoughts from the fellow members are greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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3 should be provided by your employer

5 is the Client letter , probably the same one that you've submitted to USCIS may work

I do not know why the VO ticked 7 also even though you said that you are working for client. Generally they ask for this only when you mention that you are working on some internal project. - For this I would say you can put a letter stating that you are not working on any internal project but indeed working for client.

Also, make sure that you submit all agreements/POs between your employer and client.

I strongly recommend that either you or your employer to consult an attorney to format some of the letters to explain Employer-Employee relationship.

That is what they are looking for very commonly these days and based on VO's questions your case also falls in to this category

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We missed your question so far..

I think you'll get an update by e-mail/sms only when you submit your passport also along with other docs.

In other cases - you should wait for a formal letter sent by courier.

In any case though - You can always mail to Chennai consulate to know the status of your application but generally they respond with common answer saying that 'It's still under admin processing'

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@Coolbuddy0311, thanks for your response.

Question: How does this VFS drop box thing works ? I mean, should I simply put all my docs in a sealed envelope and drop it in a box at VFS office, or, will some one at VFS office personally collect the docs and give a receipt?

Should I also need to submit my PP along with the docs or will I get a new e-mail later in case if consulate is willing to approve my case?

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There will be someone to collect your documents.

All you need to do is - show them the 221g,the DS-160 confirmation page and then hand them over all the docs that you want to submit.

They'll put them in a sealed cover,put it in to a basket and give you a receipt.

Re. Passport -

On the back side of 221g - There will be 4 items


2)Copy or original DS-160 confirmation page

3)Complete !-797,I-129 form and LCA

4)This letter

If they don't strike off the line 'Passport' that means that you are allowed to submit your passport also along with the docs.

If it is still confusing, Don't worry - The people at VFS office will let you know whether to submit your passport or not after seeing the 221g form

Hope this helps

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