URGENT HELP : H1-B revoked due to Layoff need suggestions for H1-B transfer process

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I used to work for employer A on my STEM OPT (Valid until OCT 9th 2020) and in April 2020 my employer A Filed H1-B and it was approved with a validity from OCT 1st 2020 until August 23 2023 but unfortunately due to covid-19 I was laid off on June 24th 2020 and my employer A provided severance package until August 8th 2020 and as part severance package they mentioned they are not going to revoke approved H1-B visa until October 30th 2020 . I then moved to employer B on September 9th 2020 on STEM OPT. Later as automatically I was changed to H1-status on October 1st 2020 my employer B filed H1-B transfer in regular processing on October 27th 2020 and I had received my receipt number but in meanwhile my employer A has sent revoke letter to uscis on October 13th and I see status in USCIS website as "we have sent revocation notice on October 13th 2020 for the approved H1-B visa for XXXX receipt number". Currently I am getting other job offers as well from employer C & employer D. So, I had my questions below.

STEM OPT valid until : OCTOBER 9th 2020

Employer A approved H1-B Visa: from October 1st 2020 to August 23 2023

Employer A laid off Date : June 24 2020

Employer B H1-Transfer process filed Date: October 27th 2020

1) Am I out of status ? and will my employer B H1-B transfer petition is still valid as my employer A & USICS sent revocation notice on October 13th 2020 ?

2) During the regular H1 transfer process of employer B can I still apply/start for H1-B transfer process with employer C & employer D ?

3) Am I eligible for 60days grace period ?


Can you please suggest some legal advices to move forward with valid visa status ?

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