H4 stamped parellelly H1B extension approved

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Please help me with your expertise for my Question.
Simply said, H1B denied; Employer recommended me to go back to India. So I filed H4 DS160 with chennai counselate(due to my toddlers medical condition, applied H4 EA from US). Later employer agreed to file my H1B extension with NPT in premium. Now H1B extension+NPT is in RFE(Employer policy - do not reveal RFE details to me) and H4 EA is appoved by chennai counselate(after a week, it will get expired. I am in US now).
Question1 is - Consider a case, I get H4 stamped(positively) in india and enter USA with H4. If my current H1B extension is approved(positively) with I797A, Can I continue to work with that I797A even though I enter with H4 stamped visa or Do I have to apply for another H1B COS to start/continue my employment?
Question2 is - Consider a case, I get H4 stamped(positively) in india & H1B extension is approved(positively) with I797A. In this case, can I come in with H4 and continue to work with that I797A or Do I have to stamped H1B to start/continue my employment? 
Note: I heard, current H1B appointments of Feb 2021 & Mar 2021 are getting cancelled by USCIS. So I am having this question, can I enter with H4 and work on H1B based on I797A which is approved lately. 
Below is FYI - what I have gone through from my initial extension
H1B/I94 expired - April 2020
H1B denied after RFE - August 2020
Attorney suggested to get H4 stamping in India through EA. Due to COVID+my kids(toddlers) medical conditions+USCIS office close, I do not want to travel without appointment confirmation letter.Filed DS160 with chennai counselate - September 2020
H4 interview appointment confirmation - February 2021 + EA request on hold.
My employer denied MTR based on their prior experiences and accepted to file new H1B extension petition with NPT in Premium - Filed October 2020. But it again went to RFE 🙁
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