H1b to F2 change of status


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H1b expiring on Nov23rd,2020. As of now F1 visa valid duration is Jan 13th,2021 , F1 will be applying for OPT extension. What are the ways to convert H1b to F2 to get approval beyond Jan 13th,2021 along with the F1 OPT extension. I see the below option, want to know if I am doing correct.

filing H1b to F2 in Nov with the initial OPT duration jan13th,2021 and after getting the receipt , file another I-539 application for extension by December,2020 with the receipt attached along with Primary F1 applicant OPT extension receipt to get approval for 24 months. Is this correct considering F2 change of status processing time will be from 5 to 8 months? can we apply F2 change of status in premium processing?

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