GC EAD or H4 EAD or Both? Please advise.


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My husband is on H1B and his H1 extension is being filed in premium and will be submitted week. I am working on H4 EAD expiring on 4th Feb 2021. We are planning to submit H4 extension and H4 EAD applications for me after we receive receipt number for my husband's extension. However, at the same time, due to recent EB3 priority date change, we are also applying for GC EAD for me via GC process. It will be submitted on 27th Oct 2020. My question is, since I am anyways submitting GC EAD, should I submit H4 EAD extension? GC EAD application will submitted first (approx 5-6 days prior). Will H4 EAD extension application is redundant and unnecessary at this stage? Or since my husband's H1 extension is being filed in premium, there are better chances that H4 EAD extension will also be processed quicker? Trying to evaluate options so that I can keep my job which I would loose if I don't receive either of the EAD approval (GC EAD or H4 EAD) by Feb 2021. Please advise and Thanks in advance!

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