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I'm planning to take a two year break and move back to India, and plan to re-enter US with the current employer later. My current H1B visa expired but the new H1B approval is valid and will remain valid for close to 3 years (renewed beyond 6-years based on i-140). If I plan to get H1B stamping after two years, close to my time of re-entry, can there be an issue in getting the visa stamp (assuming same job/location/company etc.)? Or is it better to get H1B stamped now (a short travel sometime before my moving back) if it can help me re-enter later?

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the response!

I have GC application with priority date June 2010 in EB2. I read H1B may not be renewed/issued once final action date is current. Is this true? I checked with two attorneys and got conflicting opinions. One said H1B would be renewed for 1-year instead of 3-years, and the other said H1B it would not be issued/renewed when final action is current.

I know I'm not seeking legal opinion here but I would appreciate any inputs! I could go for consular processing when my priority date is current if my old employeer is willing, but I'm trying to see if I can come into US for AOS with a different employer on H1B.

Thanks in advance.

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