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I need to know the answer for below question.

Have you ever been arrested or convicted for any offense or crime, even though subject or a pardon, amnesty, or other similar action?  Yes   /    No




File reference
V130708 004
Basel, September xxxx xxxx
Penal Order
In the criminal case Vxxxxxx xx
Accused xxxxxxxx
Person Fatherxxxxxx, Mother: xxxxx
DOB: xx.xx.xxx, Place of birth:xxx, Nationality: xxxx
Residential Status: Tourist/ legally present without ID card status
Civil status: married,
Address: xxxxxxxxx
xxxxx, Great Britain, united Kingdom
Is detected:
1. The accused person is declared guilty as follows
Offense Negligent assault
In application of Art. 125 Abs. 1StGB
2. The accused person shall be punished as follows:
Sanction Fine of 30 daily rates at CHF 300.00. The enforcement of the penalty is canceled,
under setting a trial period of 2 years ( Art. 34, Art. 42 Abs. 1, Art.44 Abs.1 StGB)
Fine CHF 300.-- in case of a culpable nonpaying a substitute of a prison sentence of 3 days
( Art.42 Abs.4, Art. 106 StGB)
3. The suspect is imposed on to pay the costs of the trial ( Art. 426 Abs. 1 stop).
4. The accused has to pay accordingly:
Fine CHF 0.00
Fine CHF 300.00
Fine of revocation CHF 0.00
Expenses CHF 612.00
Fee CHF 200.00
Minus down payment CHF 0.00
Total CHF 1112.00
The accused went on xxxxxxxx at around 13:40 in the from xxx xxxx  driven Ford Tourneo Custom (xxxxxx xx) in Basel from
Dreirosenbrücke coming along Klybeckstrasse. As the driver of the vehicle
parked in front of Klybeckstrasse 15, the accused unbuckled the safety belt and
was about to leave the vehicle. During the subsequent opening of the passenger side
door did he miss from lack of care and attention the from behind approaching cyclist
that was traveling correctly along the Klybeckstrasse in the direction of travel
Offenburgerstrasse ,Danuta Kogut (represented by Dr. Thomas Wyler, lawyer). Although
she tried to avoid a collision by performing a full break, she collided anyway
with the opened passenger side door and as a result fell
Through this roughly wrongful carelessness Danuta Kogut suffered a HWS-contusion,
a knee-kontusion, and a sacrum-contusion; resulting for the victim in a prolonged
incapacity to work.
A legally valid criminal complaint exists




For your information i have paid the fine of CHF 1112.


I have applied for cwiss criminal check certificate and i got that yeterday and its saying there is no criminal records againts you.

Could you please assisit what should be my answer againts the question.








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