i140 Amendment Successor in Interest RFE


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Hi - Here is a brief summary

1) Initial i140 Approved in EB2 May 2012 through Company A
2) Moved to company B, filed a new perm, retained PD and i got 140 approved EB2 in May 2016 but retained May 2012 PD
3) Company C acquired company b
4) filed Amendment for i140 successor-in-interest

Now i got an RFE for this i140 amendment asking for:

1) experience letters that show experience as of priority date (may 2012) - this was submitted initially in May 2012.

Question: Can I use a copy of the experience letters initially submitted in May 2012 which is dated 2012 or should I get new experience letters with current date?

2) Since the USCIS could not retrieve the original 2016 perm due to Covid, they obtained a duplicate and asking for signatures of the beneficiary (which is me), petitioner and preparer?.

Question: Would the petitioner be Company B that initially filed the PERM or Company C that acquired company B? Likewise, my attorney changed - so should the preparer be the attorney who filed the perm for company B or the current attorney?

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