H4-RFE due to two concurrent H4 filed

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1) Through Current employer H1 and H4 extensions were filed on Feb-20. H1 was filed in Premium so it got approved within a few weeks and H4 was on pending status.
2) I had offer through the another company XX in March-20, which I did not join due to COVID etc, but they also filed H1 and H4 again , H1 got approved and H4 was on pending status.
Current status for both H4 is:
A. H4 extension filed through current employer got RFE, below documents asked to submit.
    1) Recently issued I-797, granting principal alien's status.
    2) Evidence of recent admission to the US.
    3) Evidence of 3 pay stmts prior to filling an application till sep2020.
    4) A letter issued by employer that the principal alien continues to be employed by company.
    5) Recently issued W2's and/or other documentations that established continued employment. 
B. H4 extension filed through company XX  on pending status and seeking the next step which is fingerprinting.
My questions are:
 H4 extension filed through current employer:  
  1. I have all documents asked in RFE letter, do i need attorney to respond. If no, then what is normal process and which postal service registered/normal fedex/ups/usps , i should use.
 2. Bonafide letter is enough for  ((4) A letter issued by employer that the principal alien continues to be employed by company) or any other document needed.
 H4 extension filed through XX employer: 
3 I got to know there was no need to file another H4 with H1 transfer but H4 tied with H1, what should i do with this H4 application,  response(fingerprint etc )/withdraw/abscond.
Please provide suggestion. Thanks you.
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