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DL denied - passport SSN name mismatch

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Im having a problem with DMV - they refused to give her a license because the name on her SSN does not match what's on the Indian passport.

Indian Passport: shows <Middle> <Last> together as "Last Name"

SSN/I-94 shows only <Last> name.

Seems in US, <First> <Middle> both should go in "Given Name"

She just applied for her I-485 by the way.

What's the best way to fix this? We could ask Indian consulate to change the way the name is shown on the passport.

But will this cause any issues with her I-485 processing? Do they need to be notified?

(I-485 and all documents - we clearly split First/Middle/Last Name everywhere on application so it shouldn't be any kind of mismatch there)


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Don't change anything that is on your passport. 'cause that is based on what is on your birth certificate. Changing was is in your passport will cause a need for reverse cascade affecting all your prior documentation. Take a deep breath and think of whether the error first occurred and get it rectified. And then cascade forward.

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