Green Card Processng Delay/Suspension for Spouse outside US

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I am creating this post to invite thoughts and guidance from this knowledgeable group. It is unfortunate to see that immigration policies are very much favorable to the companies that sponsor Visa, however, not considering the human aspect of a speedy green card processing for spouses. This is a case for any US citizen or green card holders who marry anyone from outside US. They have to wait for 2-3 years and recent immigration proclamation already banned the GC process till end of this year !!!. What will be future of this situation and what level of attention can be brought into this matter? End of the day, everyone want to be with their loved ones and this process is more cruel, especially if you have a daughter born outside US and you cannot bring your wife and kid, due to this insane process. May I know any petition or forum exists where we can bring the right authorities attention to this matter.

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