H1b Confusing situation


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Hello experts,
My last date with employer A was july31 ( last paycheck ) and I used to have a i94 until 2023 feb with them but due to lay off I came out

Then I joined employer B and they made a mistake for address
I told HR In email that future address to work Is Texas
But she gave that address to attorney as current
And attorney without validating the residence proofs filed my LCA and H1 with that Texas address

So now I told them to
Withdraw and refile
With Colorado address but attorney says my grace period will be over by October 1
So they can’t do that
I also suggested to amend the LCA and attorney doesn’t agree to that as well

I am clueless really
All I can produce is lease doc I signed but it got postponed to later

What’s the best solution possible here ?
Is i94 until 2023 from employer A won’t help to give extra grace period like 90 days ?

My wife is on H1
So shall I convert to h4 and withdraw and refile this ?
Go ahead with lease doc I signed but didn’t actually move there ?


i also have option to go c2c with past employer who hold i140 so can be filed to EAD 

so  whats the best solution here

I am super confused
Please advise

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