H4 EAD filing LLC with Friends

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I'm currently on H4 EAD and I'm joining with couple of friends who are also on H4 EAD and starting an LLC for catering service. I have the following questions and would appreciate your reply

1)  Can we legally start a company with just H4 EAD holders ?. The plan for us is to start multi-member LLC so all of us are owners. if one member's EAD is expired or renewal pending the others can be active owner.  Will there be any legal issues on this ?

2) I'm currently employed with H4 EAD and I will be also active owner on the LLC that we are starting. Once we get income, will there be any issue if I get multiple income both from employer and from my LLC company ?

3) In terms of filing taxes, my husband files tax for the family with my W-2. After the LLC business, I'm not sure how this will work ?. Should I file separate tax return.

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