EB1-EA or Eb2-NIW

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Hi Guys,
I need a recommendation/advice.

I came to US in 2008 from India, did my masters, and from 2011, have been employed with various companies, with work ranging
from Audio to video Signal processing. I have I-140 with March 2016 priority data from my previous employment.

I have 2 IEEE conferences, 1 journal, 1 book publication (2010-2011) and 1 poster presentation,1 IEEE conference submitted(2020) .
I joined a University as a Research engineer (H1b) few months back, and hope to get few more publications by early next year.

I have two queries:

I was thinking about applying for Eb2-NIW , but I was of the impression that if approved, path to Green card would be similar to Eb1. Is this not correct? ? I mean, if I get I-140 fast due to Eb2-NIW , and rest of the process for i-485 would still take many years( if priority date for Indians in Eb2-NIW category takes same time to become current as EB2), then, What do I gain from an approved Eb2-NIW application?

What would be my chances for an approved Eb1? and what is the wait time for that for Indians?

Thank You

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