Important decision about my life...Need urgent help please

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I'm in United states on a B1 Visa and planning to get married to someone who is on EB3 status here...He has labour approved I-140 with a priority date Dec 2006..He will be filing 485 with EB2 category which is current with a priority date dec 2004..How safe is it to marry a person with such status and when can we get our GC in this case..Please suggest??? Also in case I decide to get married to hime what document should I check before making any further move.It is a question of my whole life so please advice whether or not should I go ahead??


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EB3 or EB2 will only give an "adjustment of status" standing only when 485 is filed. So for the time being he would be working on something else, like a H1B visa. If you were to marry him rightaway, he will bring you on a H4 visa which is H1B dependent.

As far EB3 to EB2 upgrade, until 485 is filed, there is no status, so dont worry about it too much.

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