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Please contact an immigration attorney. Your employer should have applied for H4 renewal along with H1B renewal. There is a seperate fee for H4 renewal. Get appropriate letters from your employer as to why he did not apply for h4 renewal and apply for the H4 extension with guidance from a good lawyer immediately. Good Luck.

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You are in the same boat as my wife was last year. You would need to file nunc-pro-tunc to get your H4 backdated as you have been out of status for more than 6 months. Murthy law firm assisted me in filing the nunc pro tunc and my wife also got her visa stamped a couple of months back in India. These kind of cases are pretty complex and take a huge mental toll on us, but don't lose hope.

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Recently I applied for H1 extension through my company. I got the approval. Along with my H1 ext, I also asked for H4 extension of my family (Wife, 2 daughters). Unfortunatly something went wrong and my company applied only for my wife and 1st daughter. They did not apply for 2nd daughter. She is 22 months old. As per date her H4 expired on Aug 2nd 2011.

I want to hire a attorney to handle this case. But I have few Qs before I do that.

1. Does she need to exit US immediatly?

2. Howmany days she can be there in US in this state (If I apply for H4 ext and it takes time to get it)

3. Can I go for premium processing? (I see in many places people say that for H4 ext there is no premium processing)

4. Which is best in selecting attorney - local or any online?

5. Finally - how to select attorney (I am dumb in this field to know ratings of attorneies)

Thanks in advance

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My wife is on H4 status with my previous employer.

3 months back i was transfer from my previous employer to my current employer. but that time my current employer not filled for my wife H4 extension because she was in India.

Now she was in US. Still her H4 is on my previous employer. Just 4 days back her visa and I 94 expired (expiry date is 21st Sept 2011).

My employer said he will apply for that because 4 days only after expiry.

Could any one help me that is there any problem for me or my wife or any new suggession if any body face same problem.

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