Approved I-130: How to change the classification category from F1 to F2B?


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I filed I-130 under F2B (India) category in April 2016, for my unmarried son above 21 years old, when I was a LPR / GC holder. I became a naturalized US citizen in 2017. We received I-130 approval in June 2020 but under F1 category. Since the movement under F2B is more current, we want to move back to F2B category from F1. We searched and found that the law allows a F2B beneficiary to opt out of transferring to the F1 category, by filing a formal request with the USCIS office that handles the case. Unfortunately we crossed that stage. Nevertheless, I called USCIS office and they advised us that they have already approved I-130 under F1 and requested modification can be done by NVC and they asked us to contact NVC. Even after 60 days, we have not yet received any notification/ allocation of case number from NVC. Both I (Petitioner) and the beneficiary my son (Principal Applicant) have raised queries & requests to "Ask NVC" for modification and they have been advising that the approved I-130 is still with USCIS and the priority date is not current. It is expected that in visa bulletin September 2020, the priority date under F2B will be current but not under F1. Is there a way to reach out to NVC and request them to change to F2B, by the beneficiary (my son). Please advise.

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