[Critical] H4 Transfer sill not filled with H1 but I-94 is Valid

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I am on H1B visa, I was working with COMP1, my services with COMP1 was terminated on 3/16. Me and my family's H1B visa and respective I-94 is valid until 10/24/2021. I got 2 offers within 60 days of grace period with SERV1 (Service base - preferred company) and CONS2 (Consultant) companies.

At that time, my Daughter's visa was under renewal and stuck with the Indian embassy due to COVID-19 and it expired on 04/30/2020.

CONS2 Filed my, family (Wife and Daughters) H1 and H4 with USCIS on 05/05/2020; they used COMP1 petition; my H1 got approved on 5/18/2020 but my wife and daughter's H4 is still pending for approval.

SERV1 filed my and my wife's H1 and H4 with USCIS on 05/11/2020, they also used COMP1 petition. They have not filled my daughter's H4 transfer with USCIS as her passport was expired, and they don't want to take a chance with my petition. My H1 is still pending for renewal.

Currently, I am working on the payroll of CONS2 and now, SERV1 is asking me to join. As SERV1 is my preferred company, I want to join them.
My question is - As SERV1 has not filled my daughter's H4 transfer, if I join them, will my daughter be out of status in the US? 

Summary of the details:
Visa Type - H1/H4

Termination date: 03/16/2020
H1 and H4 I-797/I-94 valid until 10/24/2020

H1/H4 transfer Filled on date - 05/05/2020
H1 Approved
H4 of my wife and daughter - Pending

My H1 and my Wife H4 transfer filled in on 05/11/2020, Transfer is still pending
My Daughter's H4 was not filled due to expired passport; Passport is renewed and SERV1 will fill the H4 transfer of my daughter in next 1 month.

Question - 1. if I join SERV1, will my daughter be out of status in the US? 
2. Any complexity me or my daughter will face in future?


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