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A visa stamp is an entry document. Since Key West is part of Florida, it is within the US, so no visa stamp required.

In the US, the I-94 is what matters. It shows the status. There is a requirement to carry the I-94 with you all the time.

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On 7/9/2020 at 1:02 PM, okank said:

So all I need is my VA drivers license and an I-94 print out from ,and I don't need to carry my foreign passport.

Is that correct?

The rule is that you have to carry a government-issued ID document and the I-94. Given that the I-94 is usually stapled to the passport (at least it was when I was on H1)  it would be the easiest to just carry the passport with the I-94. But you can of course carry any other government-issued ID with the I-94.

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