H4 Extension RFE on principal alien nonimmigrant status


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We applied H1b and H4 extension in Jan 2020, my husband H1B was approved after RFE in March 2020. I received H4 RFE dated on June 18, 2020 but didn’t receive hard copy, so we requested for soft copy and received on July 2, 2020, the RFE is on asking whether my spouse, has maintained his nonimmigrant status to the date of filing of this application, asking for below evidences.

Maintenance of status - Principal alien 

1) Recently issued form I-797, notice of action, granting principal alien's status.

2) Evidence of recent admission to the United States.

3) Evidence of three pay statements prior to the filling an application

4) A letter issued by employer that the principal alien continues to be employed by company.

5) Recently issued W2's and/or other documentations that established continued employment. 

We have all the above evidences, but confused with this statement in the RFE ie “Submit evidence to establish that principal alien has continued to maintain his/her nonimmigrant status to the date of filing this application, so do we need to send all I797 approved until now or just the recent I797 and one before that. Regarding the pay slips evidence, I am planning to send three pay statements prior to the filling of application (15 Jan 2020, 31 Dec 2019, and 15 Dec 2019) and current month pay slips also. Along with the above evidences asked, I am also planning to send my spouse passport copy, is there any other documents we need to send.

We are supposed to respond by July 20 2020, any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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