Question regarding change of status from H1B to H4

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My wife currently has a H1B visa and was looking to change the status to H4. I wanted to know few things before we make a decision to change status :-
1) She is currently in US and does not plan to travel abroad (given the COVID situation). Can the Change of status be done while she is here?
2) Can she apply for change of status before she quits her current job. Also how early can she inform her employer about quitting the job?
3) If she quits her job and has applied for change of status but the process hasn't finished in 60 days, will she have to leave the country (60 days grace period after H1B)?
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1. Yes, she can apply for COS to H4 while in US.

2. After she applies for H4, she can continue to work till H4 is approved or she can inform her employ and quit working.

3. She just has to file the H4 within the 60 days, she will be able to stay legally while the H4 petition is pending.

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