Discontinue H1B and return back to USA

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I -140 Approved with my previous employer A in 2018 Aug. I moved to my present company B in 2019 Jan which just started my GC process. Currently in recruitment stage only.
My H1B visa is approved till Aug'2021 with my current company B.
My 6 years H1B visa is going to expire in April'21
Due to personal reasons, I am going to India and work from there. But due to taxation issues and compliance, My company B is not agreeing to work outside of USA. Hence asked me to resign and work independent contract from India from another Company C
1) Will my H1B valid till during my 6 months absence from my present company B ?
2) Can I enter to USA on my valid H1B visa(Aug'21) from my present company B if they just give offer letter again ?
3) Does my present company B need to file any amendment/transfer/LCA/sponsor anything to come back to USA ?
4) Will my GC process continue with my present company B during my absence ( Working as contractor in India from the another employer C)?
5) Can I get renewal of another 3 more years using my previous employer A ? (my H1B visa is going to expire in Aug' 21, In case I-140 not approved on or before Aug'21)
Appreciate your response if you faced or aware of this case from others .
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1) I feel once you join new company in India your current company B will revoke H1B. This is by law.

2) Based on above answer, B needs to file new H1B petition and get it approved.

3) Yes, I feel

4) I feel not.

5) if I140 from employer is beyond 180 days then A cannot revoke. In that case you can use it to submit new H1B petition to come back to USA. If A revoked it then you cannot.

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