H1-B grace period during COVID-19 situation

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Hello all,

I heard that if you lose job during the COVID-19 situation, the grace period for an H1B visa can be requested (to USCIS) to be extended from 2 months to 6 months? Is this information true? Do they consider such requests? This is my first H1-B visa term (valid for the next 2 years) and I have never applied for extension. 

Many companies are on hiring freeze now and getting the next opportunity would be difficult immediately. What are the best legal ways to save oneself from being deported from the country due to losing job on H1-B? Especially when getting a new job within the 60 days period doesn't work? I know converting to an F-1 is an option, but are there better alternatives? Please advice. Thank you!

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You heard wrong.

The grace period hasn't changed. It is 60 days or until the I-94 expires, whichever is shorter.

Getting admission to a university takes a long time, so changing to F1 has never been an option. Signing up with a fraud "university" would kill your future in the US.

Changing to a B2 if the 60 days are getting over is an option if you can't travel.

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