I94 Expired + Old h1 stamp is expired + Approved I797B + consular processing

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Here my situation,Kindly read and provide your valuable feedback

1.Valid H1 Visa Stamped until Jan 05,2020 in my passport,sponsored by Company A

2.On Nov 01 2019,H1 petition submitted with Consular processing + PP by Company B approved until Nov 03 2020.I am in India at that point and I140 got approved.

3.Approval notice was sent as I-797B (with no I94 card attached) but they mentioned about Consulate/POE as Chennai and OCC 030 at the end of the page.

4.I travelled to USA on Nov 19,2019 with I797B.At the port of entry CBP agent updated by I94 validity until Jan 05 2020.I gave the new I 797B + along with my passport.and he did not asked for questions on that time and also i forgot to checked the online portal before Nov 19,2019 to Jan 05,2020.

Now my questions are..

1.Is it legal stay beyond I94 date as we have approved I797B with validity until Nov 03 2020?
2.why he was not stamp with CBP Officer on I797B Approval Notice?

3.Now I am in USA already on Nov 19,2019.So yesterday’s  Jun 18,2020 only I have noticed,Now i will Go to CBP office and ask for updating of I 94.It is possible or not?

4.I don’t have H1 valid visa right now and can you please provide me for best resolution?

5.where I will go to stamping for Mexico,Canada,India or Jamaica?

6.Or Again I need to file with H1 extension +PP so that automatically updated to I94? they will provide for I797A +Updated I94 or not?please help me on this.

If any other valid point are being overlooked.kindly let me know.


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