Expired B-2 Visa


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My mother in law came to the US on Jan 16th.  This is the 4th time she has come to the United states and every time she got the stay for 6 months but for some reason she only got 3 months stay this time and we have not noticed it until now.  I was planning to file an extension for 3 months but just realized that she already overstayed for 2 months now.  

Should I just file for a normal extension and clearly explain to them the reason for overstay?  Another problem is that I cannot get electronic I-94 when from the CPB website. It says "Travel record not found".  I dont think I can file for an extension without I-94. 

If she leaves without an extension, she would be considered overstayed and future visits might be affected. 

What are my options now?  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Update: I was able to contact the CPB office and they have requested me to send the Passport photocopy. Within 15 minutes, they were able to update the website with new I-94 information.  On the passport they only gave 3 months stay but as per the i 94 online, it shows 6 months stay.  I will be applying for Visa extension. 

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I was not sure, the CBP office might have not paid attention and just stamped the wrong date because the duration was for 87 days and not even 3 months.  He asked my mother in law how long she was going to stay and she said 5 1/2 months and told him that she has a return ticket and he seemed to be ok with it. 

I have filed for 3 months extension yesterday and I am hoping it goes smoothly. 

The only question I have is that in the I-94 that I retreived online, it shows the "Most recent  Date of Entry as - 2020 June 16th" and not the January 16th that she entered in the united states.  I am hoping that it won't be a problem. 


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