Spouse H4 before H1B start date.

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I got my H1B approved under COS on June 2nd, 2020 with a start date from October 1st, 2020.
I read a few articles and it seems I can apply an H4 visa for my wife before the start date. We got married in March 2020.

Here are the points at which I am really confused and would greatly appreciate any help.

1) Current Visa status of principal applicant -> F1 ??? Or we fill the form once my H1B is activated ??

           What do I put in the above field? From what I think, putting H1B not a good idea as my status has not been activated yet. If I put F1, will that be alright in explaining VO?

2) My wife has a previous B1/B2 rejection with 214b. What can I write in the explanation for the same?

3) My wife is currently a homemaker and was employed previously. Do we need to present the paystubs of the previous employment?

4) What do I put in the "Intended length of stay in the US" section? 3 years ??

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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1. You should wait for you to switch to H1 and then submit the DS 160 for h4 visa.

2. She should have received a letter with why her visa was rejected, you should mention the same. I am guessing she was not able to establish strong ties to the home country which is why her visa was rejected. 

3. If she has them she can carry it, but mostly they will not ask for it as its for H4 visa.

4. What ever your H1 validity is, if its for 3 years then put 3 years. 

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