Getting H4 for the stepchild before it completes 18th birthday

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I have the following question.

The Indian national X has been on H1B for more than 6 years (The I140 is approved). Soon X is planning to marry another Indian national Y who is residing in India. Y has a kid Z (also Indian national) who is also residing in India. The kid is not yet 18 years old (should be completing 18 in a few months). But X can't marry Y right away because Y has filed for divorce (mutual consent) in India from its existing marriage which should materialize in 3-4 months (best case scenario) I guess.  The question is -- if , for some reason the divorce takes time for Y and then X ends up marrying Y after Z (the stepchild) crosses its 18th birthday ,  can X still get Z on a dependent visa (H4) to USA? I read on some forums that only if X marries Y before Z (biological kid of Y from prior marriage) completes its 18th birthday , only in that case Z can get dependent (H4) visa. The custody of the child is not the question here , because at the time of travelling internationally Z will be 18+.  The goal for X is to get X & Z to live with him in the US. I know that even if Z gets H4 , it will only be up to 21 years of age. That's fine

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