Laid off on H-1B without an H-1B stamp

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My H-1B petition was approved last year as COS from F-1 OPT. As I have not traveled outside the US since then, I don't have an H-1B stamp. I was laid off in early April, with my employer placing me on administrative leave and I will remain employed until early June. Do I have 60 day grace period starting the day I'm no longer 'employed' in June? Does the fact that I don't have an H-1B stamp have any impact on the grace period?

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18 hours ago, gopalakrishnach said:

I feel you need to try next year in lottery once again. There is no concept of grace period since you did not start H1B.

It was a COS so the OP started on the H1. He can transfer just fine.

A visa is just for entering the US.

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