H1b /I-94 Expired + 240 days rules

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Hi Friends, I have a few questions. Let me explain to you,
My H1b expires on Nov05,2019 and I-94 expire on Nov15,2019, So right now I am working on 240 days grass period which will end on July 15 2020.
I have applied H1b extension in Sep 2019, got receipt on Sep30,2109 from Nebraska center. I got another receipt in Jan 2020 that my H1b case has been moved from Nebraska to Vermont center. I don't know why USCIS moved my case. I got H1b extension RFE on March 13, 2020 from Vermont center but due to COVID19 i got actually hard copy of RFE on Apr 15, 2020. My employer response the RFE on May 22, 2020.Now I am waiting for the update from USCIS.

As per this situation, My 240 days reached on july15 based on I-94 date. the premium process is closed now. i m working with a direct client of my employer which does not have any layer. if my H1b not approved by July15,2020, i have the following questions ask you.

1. Can i officially stay in USA after 240 days?
2. Is it possible for my employer to file another H1b petition with the same client? so based on the new H1b receipt can i continue to work after 240 days?
3. Can i transfer my H1b to another employer during the 240 days period? Can i work on a new h1b transfer receipt after 240 days period?
4. what are the other alternative available that i can continue to work after 240 days with my current employer with the same client or any other client?
5. do you know how soon the premium process starts for H1b extension? any approximate date or any prediction?

Thanks you. Please update me on my questions.

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I am on the same boat.

Applied H1-B Extension on Sept 19th 2019 at Nebraska center after Dec 31st 2019 transferred to Vermont center without RFE case was approved on Mar 10th 2020. Unfortunately my case was approved on heart of covid-19 and my I-797 copy courier service missed some where. Raised the Service Request with USCIS response back apply duplicate copy request. But for I-824 duplicate copy it has long queue i.e. 7-12 months. My Employer is saying if copy is not received before I94 expiry + 240 days i can't work and out of payroll.

Please help if any suggestions or alternatives to get the atleast soft copies from USICS.

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My H1B Visa expires on Sept 19,2020 and my I-94 expiry is on Sept 29,2020. I have filed my H1B extension with my current employer under regular processing. I will be on 240 day grace period if my petition is not approved.


1) Can a New employer file a H1B transfer petition for me after my i-94 expiration date (during 240 day grace period), while the H1B extension petition with my current employer is still pending?


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