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Hi All,

I have been working in States for last almost 5 years and planning to go to India for H1B stamping.

I have couple questions. I came on H1B in early 2007 and haven't been to India since then. For last 1 year working as full-time. My 2007 and 2008 W2s are showing less than LCA amount. Would it create any problem?

Year 2009, 2010 and 2011 are fine and have W2 amount > LCA.

Please let me know, will it create any problem. Do you thing they might ask for 2007 and 2008 W2...if so Can I tell the truth that my ex-employer paid me less despite I was on project.

Please help.

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If the VO verifies your previous W2 and compares with LC,then

he definately ask you reason for the gaps in employement

1.Suppose,You will say , Iam sick then VO asks proof of medical documentation -------then prove it

2.If you provide supporting documents to prove your unpaid vacation then u have chances of getting visa.

3.Otherwise you will recieve 221g white slip which clearly mentions to provide supporting documentation to prove your vacation.

4 At this point of time, it will be better not to attend visa interview if you are in states.

5.Y Iam saying this, I am already facing this problem.

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Hi All,

My case is so peculiar, There is a difference of $163 between my W2 and LCA. My W2 is less than LCA wage by $163. One is 62k and other is slightly less than that.

Is this going to be any problem at the time of stamping. I really need your advise on this.

I've no gaps in my whole h1b, never been on bench.

Please advise

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Hi nbendi,

Here my question is do they ask for all years W2 OR only last 3 years. In my case I have discrepancy in 2007 and 2008 W2.

If asked, do you think telling the truth would help. Truth is my employer did not pay me. I have experience letter from my ex-employer stating that I was full time from so and so date. I think I should tell this to VO. Experts please advice.

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